Saturday, August 29, 2009

This Pepsi's For You, Mike! (VIDEO)

Today marks the 51st birthday of The King of Pop, Michael Jackson! Like the rest of the world, I was completely stunned and saddened when I learned of his passing. As we all gathered our memories, I couldn’t complete my personal tribute without watching his famous Pepsi commercials.

These commercials not only captured his larger-than-life style and dominant celebrity, but the ads reinforced Pepsi’s claim to be the drink of the “younger, cooler generation.” They've definitely not been afraid to put their money behind the idea either. Past ads have included Britney, Beyonce, Shakira, J.Lo,, and more, not to mention their print and TV salute to the Obama generation! I could go on and on about why Pepsi is cool, but this post is all about MJ!

So, here we go...Enjoy these AMAZING MJ x Pepsi commercials while I enjoy my second can of the evening. Booyah! I only remember the first commercial (w/Carlton and the Jackson crew), but I'm glad that I came across the others! This man was LARGE!

In other MJ news, Advertising Age reported that MJ tribute mags and publications generated $55 million in additional revenue for media companies. "Additional" means that your normal publication coverage of Michael's death isn't included in this figure. Considering he only passed two months ago, that's a staggering amount of money. Between this and the number of MJ records sold post-mortem, I'm convinced that there will never be another person who can top or even come close to having this effect on the world.

Yes, I said it! So, there...


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